Can You Freeze Pepperoni?– Here Are The Best Ways To Store Pepperoni


The pepperoni is a popular type of sausage, which can be widely used for almost everything. It is used in the mushroom stuffing, toppings for the potato skins, pasta salads, cheese boards, sliced bread, and other dishes.

Due to the flexibility of this tasty sausage, you will always want to buy a great number of them, but you still wonder how to preserve them? Can you freeze Pepperoni so that you can always have it around, or how long does the pepperoni last?

If so, in this post, we will together find the answers to those questions.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni? Yes, Here Are Two Effective Ways To Do That

Freezing the pepperoni is a straightforward and quite safe process, which you are able to do it at any time, and without any troublesome problems.

Just as dealing with any types of the frozen foods, the thawing should be carefully done. However, you should not worry because all you need to do is to follow those simple steps:

Step 1 – Slice The Pepperoni

Even if you have already had the pepperoni stick, you should follow this step. Because freezing pepperoni stick is not advised if you do not plan to enjoy the whole stick at once time, after thawing it.

You may attempt to make all the slices with similar thickness. However, you should try to make the pepperoni’s thickness various.

Step 2 – Split Into Batches

After slicing the pepperoni, you should split it into batches and store each of them in sealable food saver bags or freezer safe bags. If you have sliced your pepperoni in different thickness as our advice, you can split these bags according to the thickness of the pepperoni.

Do not forget to put some notice about your ‘best by’ day and packaging date on the bags before putting them into the freezer. Remember that the frozen pepperoni may last for one year.

How To Know That The Pepperoni Has Gone Bad?

Expiration Date Or “Use by” On The Package:

Those who purchase the sliced pepperoni can always find the expiration date or the “use by” on its package. However, there are some kinds of pepperoni sticks, which do not include the expiration date or the “use by”. In fact, these sausages can last for a long time.

However, it is not true to claim that the sticks of pepperoni can stay fresh for several years. If you cannot find the expiration date on your sliced pepperoni, then, you shouldn’t hesitate to directly contact the store, in which you buy it, for more guidance.

Signs Of Spoiled Pepperoni

  • In case the pepperoni is discolored, has slime or smells funny, it has been spoiled. Any signs of sour odors or moisture should urge you to put your remaining pepperoni into the garbage bin.
  • In addition, any signs of the brown hues, which develop for a long time, is a clear indicator that the pepperoni is spoiled as well.
  • You should pay more attention to the discoloration of the pepperoni’s perimeter. In case it turns to gray, brown or even dark, you must not eat it.
  • Moreover, the pepperoni, which sticks easily to your hands after you press it, should be discarded immediately.
  • Generally, if you can detect anything doubtful about the taste, smell or the texture of the pepperoni, you should stop eating it. You had better throw it away. Although you may waste your money, it is still much more saving than spending that money to go to the doctor because of the stomach pains.

How Long Can The Pepperoni Last?

The pepperoni is mainly resistant to the bacteria due to the fact that it includes nitrites, which prevent the bacteria from developing. However, it is important to store your pepperoni safely.

Store The Pepperoni In The Freezer Or The Refrigerator

Relying on whether it is stored in the freezer or the refrigerator, pepperoni can last for several weeks up to several months.

Store pepperoni in the refrigerator

The dried sausage like pepperoni can stay fresh for two to three weeks in the refrigerator and for one to two months in the freezer. Besides, you should store it in the freezer wrap.

Ways To Avoid The Development Of Bacteria

To avoid the development of bacteria on your foods, you must always keep the utensils, bowls, cups and countertops clean by washing them with water and soap.

According to a study, a pepperoni stick can last for four to six hours at normal room temperature.

When handling the meats, you had better use the clean tongs or fork, instead of your fingers. In case the pepperoni is used for the sandwich, then, that sandwich should be prepared in advance and be stored in a bag for freezing.

This will make your sandwich stay cool longer and help avoid the growth of bacteria on your food.

Insulated lunch carriers and ice packs can keep your whole lunch cold. The storage method is very important. You should make sure that the seal is closed and the package is dry as well.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Pepperoni?

You must always put the pepperoni in a dry and airtight container, after that, you should place it in the refrigerator after opening its package. An airtight container can protect your pepperoni from the harmful moisture and nasty elements, which can affect the quality of it.

In order to extend the lifespan of your pepperoni, you can choose the freezing method, with the help of freezer wrap, heavy-duty freezer bags, or heavy duty aluminum foil, instead of using thin plastic bags.

Final Thoughts On Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

Now you have already had your answer for the question “Can you free pepperoni?” Yes, it is simple to store so that you can use at any time you like. Let’s share this article with your friends or your family if you find it useful!


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